What Management Cannot Do!


You may find that the employer or others in management may try to influence your legally protected right to join the Union through fear, coercion, and intimidation. Under Federal Law, they are prohibited from interfering with your right to select a union as your “collective bargaining representative”. Among the things that they are NOT permitted to do are:

  1. They cannot promise any benefits to employees to stay out of the Union.
  2. They cannot threaten the loss of jobs, income, benefits, or any other compensation you are now receiving if you do support the Union.
  3. They cannot threaten to fire you, or fire you because you support the Union.
  4. They cannot attend Union meetings.
  5. They cannot treat you differently because they think you are supporting the Union.
  6. They cannot transfer you because you are involved with the Union.
  7. They cannot take work away from you because you are supporting the Union.
  8. They cannot ask you about your opinion of the Union.
  9. They cannot ask whether you are supporting the Union.
  10. They cannot ask you how you would vote if there were an election.
  11. They cannot ask you at the time you are hired whether or not you belong to a Union.
  12. They cannot help you withdraw from Union membership.
  13. They cannot tell you there will be a strike.
  14. They cannot tell you they will not deal with the Union.

If ANY of the following have happened to you, or if you wish to organize your workplace, please contact the following:

Local 205 Organizer, Sam Chesney (512) 371-1217 ext. 205

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