Referral Hall Regulations

Please Note that this is a truncated section from the Referral Procedures (attachment below).

Please review full procedures for complete understanding of the Local Referral Hall. This section covers work rules and possible discipline.


A. Attire

  1. All referents must report to work well-groomed and wearing clean and neat clothing. Personal hygiene is essential when working long hours and closely with others.
  2. For safety reasons, large jewelry is not permitted, and long hair must be tied back.
  3. Appropriate covered footwear is required; no open-faced shoes or heels may be worn. Designated Loaders shall wear work shoes or boots.
  4. No shirts, hats or other apparel containing lewd, vulgar or offensive language, messages or graphics are permitted. Hats are not permitted for corporate-type work. Workout pants, tights, leotards, short shorts, or loose baggy clothing are not allowed.
  5. Non-faded black clothing is preferred for all calls and required for all performances, unless otherwise specified by the Employer and/or Business Agent. The Employer can require or provide show or event personnel with specific dress requirements, including the covering of tattoos.
  6. For corporate-type work, all referents are required to wear a non-faded black collared shirt that represents either Local 205 or another IA Local, or that has no logo or other images; as well as long black pants.
  7. For non-corporate work, T-shirts and Jeans may be acceptable but must be in non-mutilated condition. Shirts must have sleeves (no tank tops). T-Shirts must either be Union shirts or be one solid color; otherwise, collared shirts must be worn.
  8. If and when permitted by the Employer and Business Agent, Bermuda, cargo and uniform shorts (no cut-offs) are acceptable.
  9. Violations of the attire rules will be treated as minor offenses. Failure to have appropriate attire at report time may subject the person to removal from the call with no compensation.

B. Reporting for Work

  1. Referents are responsible for their own transportation and parking.
  2. All referents are requested to report to the Job Steward at the job site 15 minutes prior to the starting time.
  3. Referents shall report to the Steward upon arrival at the job site to sign in.
  4. Referent shall bring valid identification to the jobsite. Failure to provide valid identification may result in dismissal from jobsite without compensation.
  5. A worker who will arrive late must contact the Job Steward, not the employer. If the Job Steward cannot be, reached, contact the business agent, not the employer.

C. Work Habits

  1. Referents are not permitted to leave the job site without permission from the department head or Steward, once half hour to performance is called.
  2. Work calls are assigned for the full run of a show. Referents wishing to be released from a call must have the approval of a department head AND the Business Agent.
  3. Referents shall comply with all reasonable work requests within a department and made by their department head.
  4. Referents shall comply with all reasonable requests by management, relating to the venue.
  5. Referents should be as diplomatic and congenial as possible at all times while at work or on a job site.
  6. Referents are not to use electronic communication devices while on the job for other than work-related information. This includes: cell/smartphone, laptops, tablets, iPod, bluetooth, etc. If there is a family emergency, the referent may inform the Steward and make or take a call but no use of devices for personal business or amusement shall be permitted, especially during load-ins and load-outs (music, social media, taking pictures, etc.).

D. Safety

  1. Department heads should keep a list of hazardous materials used within their departments.
  2. Referents must use proper safety procedures when working with hazardous or toxic materials.
  3. Maintenance and safety checks must be performed on a regular basis by department heads.
  4. Referents are prohibited from working under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or controlled substances while at work or on a job site.

E. Tools.

Referents are required to bring small hand or power tools appropriate for the job position to which they are assigned. Personal Protective Equipment may be required, such as Hard Hat, High Vis Vest and Safety Glasses.

The Referral Hall requires that ALL referents, unless otherwise specified below, bring to the worksite the following tools:

  1. A 16 oz. Hammer or heavier
  2. An adjustable wrench
  3. Straight blade screwdrivers with tips of 1/8, 1/4, and 3/16 inch
  4. Phillips head screwdrivers with # 1 and# 2 tips
  5. Work gloves
  6. A pocket or razor knife
  7. Flashlight or headlamp
  8. Tape measure, 25′ or longer
  9. Slip-joint, linesman, and/or channel lock pliers
  10. Diagonal wire cutters
  11. Allen (hex) wrench set
  12. Pencil, pen, and sharpie
  13. A tool belt, nail apron, and/or other appropriate means of carrying tools on person (a backpack is not appropriate)
  14. Carabiners**
  15. One 2-foot, and one 4-foot sling**
  16. Rigging or safety harness**
  17. Drop line at least 75′ long**
    ** Tools #14-17 are required by Riggers Only **

The aforementioned list is required by the Referral Hall; the Employer or job may require specific tools not listed.

F. Inadequate Tools.

All Referents are required to arrive at work calls with sufficient tools in
working order for specific job classifications. It is the referent’s responsibility to bring additional tools required by the Employer.

  1. Failure to bring the tools required by the Referral Hall (see VI.E.1-17) at report time will be treated as a minor offense.
  2. Should the referent fail to bring the tools required by the Employer at report time or cause disruption of the job due to inadequate tools, the referent may be dismissed from the job without compensation.


A. All Registrants who accept work through referral by Local 205’s Referral Hall will be held accountable for their actions under its Disciplinary Code.

B. The Business Agent and Job Steward shall have the authority to immediately remove from the job site and replace any registrants for commission of any of the offenses listed in the Disciplinary Code.

C. Violation under the Code shall be penalized by suspension from the Referral Roster as follows:

  1. Extreme Offenses, 2 years.
  2. Major Offenses,
    i. First offense in a twelve (12) month period, 30 days
    ii. Second Offense in a twelve (12) month period, 90 days
    iii. Third offense in a twelve (12) month period, 1 year
  3. Minor Offenses
    i. First offense in a twelve (12) month period, the referral would not be eligible for the next call
    ii. Second offense in a twelve (12) month period, the referral would not be eligible for the next two calls
    iii. Third offense in a twelve (12) month period, the referral would not be eligible for the next three calls
    iv. Fourth offense in a twelve (12) month period, the referral will not be eligible for the next ten calls
    v. An additional offense within a year of the fourth offense shall result in removal from the referral system.
    vi. The term “Minor Offense” denotes an offense carrying a lesser penalty than a “Major Offense” and shall not be constructed as meaning trivial or unimportant.

D. Extreme Offenses are as follows:

  1. Conviction of a felony committed while on a sanctioned job site or work call received by referral of the Referral Hall.
  2. Consumption of alcohol or controlled substances at work, or being under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances at work.
    i. The Job Steward is required to send an intoxicated worker home without pay.
  3. Theft at work, or in connection with work.
  4. Physical assault against any registrant, Union employee, job steward, Union official, or Employer representative while at work, or in connection with work. This includes fighting, except in cases of self-defense.

E. Major Offenses are as follows:

  1. Presenting false information or qualifications on application or during application interviews or otherwise provided to the Union.
  2. Failure to appear for an accepted job without good cause. (No Show)
  3. Harassment.
  4. Verbal assault against or threatening harm to any registrant, Union employee, Job Steward, Union official or Employer representative while at work, or in connection with work. This includes threatening or abusive language to employees at the Union office.
  5. Conduct or behavior damaging to the Union’s contractual relations with Employers, or conduct or behavior that disrupts or obstructs the referral system or the Union’s ability to carry out its duties and obligations.

F. Minor Offenses are as follows:

  1. Withdrawal from an accepted referral without good cause less than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the job
    i. This also applies to call jumping.
  2. Leaving the Job Site prior to release by the Job Steward.
  3. Habitual lateness. Appearing late for a job call three (3) times in twelve (12) consecutive months, without good cause.
  4. Knowingly contributing to an unsafe work condition.
  5. Working double shifts in a single day without the consent of the Business Agent.
  6. Failure to appear before Referral Review Board when requested.
  7. Professionalism. Infraction for professionalism is defined as follows:
    Reporting to work without required tools, knowledge, or appropriate dress to perform your assignment. You may also be charged if you conduct yourself in an unprofessional manner, offensive language, sleeping on the job, discussing Union or other work-related business, or have an uncooperative attitude.
  8. Inappropriate use of electronic communication devices, refer to VI.C.6.
  9. Failure to notify the Union before performing non-Union work that falls within the traditional scope of the Union’s jurisdiction.
  10. Contacting any Union or Employer official, representative, or employee with the intent of soliciting work so as to circumvent the referral process.
  11. Failure to maintain current valid contact information (address, phone, email) with Local 205.

G. Suspensions

  1. A registrant may be immediately suspended from the Referral Roster for any Offense listed in the Disciplinary Code. Notice will be provided by mail within two (2) business days from the day it is received in the office.
    i. Any registrant suspended on the job site will be given an ‘Intent to Appeal’ form. The registrant has 24 hours to return the form to the Union to avoid an immediate suspension.
  2. The Business Agent may impose the maximum penalty provided in the Disciplinary Code upon receipt of a written complaint from a department head, steward, or employer, unless the registrant files a timely appeal to the Referral Review Board.
  3. If a timely appeal is filed with the Referral Review Board, no penalty shall be imposed until the appeal process is completed, except where immediate suspensions are provided for under the Disciplinary Code.

H. No-Show.

  1. In the event that a registrant fails to appear for a call that he or she has accepted, the following steps shall be followed in order:
  2. The Job Steward shall attempt to contact the missing person.
  3. If attempts fail, either the Job Steward or Business Agent shall replace the missing person.
  4. The Business Agent shall then contact the person who missed the call and assess the reason for the absence. The Business Agent shall document the discussion including date, time, and excuse given. The Business Agent shall then inform the registrant whether a penalty is or is not being applied, the form of such penalty, and the process for appeal.
  5. The Business Agent shall submit a report containing the above documentation to the Referral Review Board of Local 205.

I. Replacements.

  1. Once a referral has accepted a work call, should he or she need a replacement for whatever legitimate reason before or during the call cycle, the Union must be notified at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the relevant report time.
  2. Under no circumstance will anyone be allowed to replace him or herself. These will be considered minor offenses.
  3. Once a referral has taken him/herself off a call without prior arrangement with production and the steward of a call for a specific need, he/she will not be allowed to return for the remainder of that call.
  4. If a referral accepts a show call, he/she is obligated to complete the run of the show and is committed to fulfill their obligation on the out.

Please consult the complete procedures as passed by IATSE Local 205 in the PDF below: