Considering union membership? Everything you need to know about our application process is listed below. If you are curious about our union or have decided you wish to become a member, please sign up for our next unionism class.

Our Jurisdiction:

IATSE Local 205 is a labor union representing stage employees in the Austin, TX area who work in live events such as theater, conventions and trade shows, festivals and concerts. If you are looking to work in film and television, you should contact IATSE Local 484.

Membership qualifications:

The first step to becoming an IATSE Local 205 union member, is to attend our free Unionism Class, which you can register for here. Once you have taken the class, you can request an applicant interview to submit your application form and fees. You must have 18 months residency in Austin prior to applying. 

If you do not yet meet the 18 month residency requirement, you might consider working with us by registering with our Hiring Hall. Our hiring hall registration process is open to all qualified individuals; you do not need to be a union member to register for our hiring hall and registering with the hall does not make you a union member.

If you are already an IATSE member through another local and wish to transfer your membership to Local 205, the 18 months residency rule does not apply to you.

Transferring your IATSE union membership to Local 205

To transfer your IATSE membership to Local 205, contact your home local’s Secretary-Treasurer and request a transfer. You must be in good standing with your home local to make this request. Once we receive the transfer card from your home local, we will contact you with further information. Transfers are interviewed by our Executive Board and required to pay a $200 initiation fee. Following the interview, transferring members are invited to a membership meeting and their application to transfer is voted on. If the vote is favorable, they are sworn into membership.

Obligations of Local 205 Union Membership:

In becoming a union member, you will be obligated to adhere to union principles and IATSE rules as laid out in our Constitution You will also be expected to meet certain financial obligations, such as union dues and work assessments. Union dues for 2020 are $78 per quarter (every 3 months). Work assessments are 5% of your gross union income. Essentially, 5 cents contributed back to the local for every $1 you earn while working under IATSE negotiated contracts. Dues and work assessments help fund our union so we can continue to negotiate strong contracts with better wages and working conditions for all, provide opportunities for work by referring registrants through our hiring hall, and provide union representation for everyone working in our industry under our Agreements. 

As a union member, you are further obligated in the conduct of your trade, namely that you will conduct yourself in a safe and professional manner and actively support the principles of unionism. This includes helping to organize more union representation for other stage employees in Austin. The more we grow and come together in union with each other, the more strength and opportunity we to set area standards to improve wages and conditions within our community.

Application Process

In order to apply for union membership in Local 205, you must complete the following steps in the following order:

  1. Meet the 18 months residency requirement
  2. Complete a Local 205 unionism orientation class.
  3. Request an application interview.
  4. Submit your application form and required fees at your interview.
  5. Attend a membership meeting (by invitation only) to be introduced and voted on.

Step 2, Union Education:
Unionism Classes are generally held in January, April, July and October. Register for our next class

Step 3, Applicant Interviews:
Applicant interviews are conducted by our Executive Board who meet monthly. Once you have attending a unionism class, you may schedule an applicant interview by emailing . Interviews must be arranged in advance. We do not accept walk-ins.

Step 4, Application Form & Required Fees:
During your applicant interview, you will submit your application form along with the required fees. To do this, you need to bring with you:

  • $100 cashiers check or money order only made payable to IATSE. Personal checks or cash are not acceptable. Transferring IATSE members are exempt from this fee.
  • $200 personal check, cashiers check, or money order made payable to IATSE Local 205. Cash is not acceptable.
  • Proof of residency (DL, ID, or bill showing Austin address)
  • Resume detailing your work experience

Upon receiving approval from the Executive Board, your application will be sent to the International office in New York for approval. Once approval from the International has been received, our membership will discuss your application, and at the next membership meeting, you will be invited to introduce yourself. At this time, the membership will vote on whether to accept your application. If the vote is favorable, you will be sworn into membership and your obligations to the union, both financial and constitutional will begin.

Union Education Resources

Prior to and during the application process, please expand your union knowledge by reading IATSE Local 205’s Constitution and By-Laws and exploring the websites and videos listed below.

Union Websites:

IATSE International Website

United States Department of Labor

National Labor Relations Act | NLRB


Union Videos:

Unions in America

Mini Lesson on Labor Unions

The Progressive Era: Crash Course US History #27

What is a Union?

The TRUTH About Labor Unions (Comedy & News – emphasis on comedy)

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Unionism Classes are generally held in January, April, July and October.
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