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2022/23 Referral Hall Registration Period

Sisters, Brothers, & Kin, 

Per Section I.D of the Referral Hall Procedures, New and Renewal applications may be received during the Registration Period (June 1-August 15).  

Applications must be completed by both New and Former Registrants. New applications – for both new and renewal – for the ’22-’23 Season will be made available soon, as the next Registration Period approaches (June 1-August 15, 2022). 

Applications received…
…before June 1 will apply to the current work season, ending August 15, 2022.

...between June 1-August 15 will apply to the ’22-’23 Work Season (6/1/22-8/15/23).
…after August 15 will apply to the ’22-’23 Work Season (6/1/22-8/15/23) but will be processed as late applicants.

The 2022-23 Referral Hall Application is now available online.

DELL/EMC World 2016

DELL/EMC World (and lots of other work in October)

Brothers and Sisters,

Dell World is moving into Austin Convention Center on October 14th and out on October 20th under several clients including Production Support Services, Las Vegas, GES and Freeman AV to name the largest. We need approximately 200 technicians and hands to fill all the calls. Therefore, we are requesting ALL members who are available to work this October and November to please call in and support your union.

We have crew calls at Paramount theater for Austin Film Fest and several other small jobs that have been added this week as well.

Due to the busy nature of these two months, you may report your availability to work in three ways: call into the HH phone number or, email or, wishlist jobs that you are available to work on Call Steward. (Note, if you wishlist a job, you are reporting that you are available for any position and for the entire job as there is no mechanism in Call Steward to request certain positions or days.)  Set your vacation manager for days not available.

Whichever way you choose, report your availability for this specific time frame as soon as possible and we will endeavor to put you to work.

In Solidarity,
Nikki Combs
Business Agent
I.A.T.S.E. Local 205