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Stage Alliance Inc.Attention Stage Alliance Employees!
Read the announcement about the wage proposal agreed to on Oct. 28th. Also the arbitration settlement checks should be in your hands.

This page gathers important information and updates for the Stage Alliance Inc. bargaining unit workers. This is ALL current Stage Alliance Inc. non-manager/staff employees.  All Stage Alliance employees should read the articles below, watch for any email updates coming from “IA205 Info” <>, and check this page for future updates.

Dear Stage Alliance Employees:

Welcome! As a Stage Alliance employee, you are part of the Stage Alliance “bargaining unit” and are represented by IATSE Local 205. Read on for an explanation of what this means, how it affects you and who we (the union) are.


IATSE Local 205 is the local chapter of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (sometimes known as the IA), the union that represents those working in the entertainment industry. Please visit to become acquainted with the scope, reach and goals of the IATSE.


Local 205 represents stage employees working in live entertainment in Austin, namely theater, exhibition trade shows, conventions, and concerts. Our members are just like you: we’re stagehands, we do the same work, and we are concerned about the standards in our industry. As union members, we have a voice in our contracts, including the one you are working under for Stage Alliance. We believe unions give you the power to control your wages and working conditions. You can visit to learn more about us.


Local 205 has a contract (Collective Bargaining Agreement) with Stage Alliance that determines wages, benefits, call minimums, breaks, worker safety, discipline and termination policy, and so on. This Agreement is negotiated by Local 205 and enforced by the Local 205 Union Steward on each Stage Alliance call.


The SA Rep represents Stage Alliance’s interests. Their job is to foster good relations and enforce the contracts between Stage Alliance and its clients, namely the venue or company they are providing labor for. The SA Rep is management’s representative, not your representative.


The Union Steward is not the “SA Rep” (even though sometimes the same individual is assigned as the SA Rep on one call and then as a Union Steward on another). The Union Steward’s job is to serve as your representative, protecting you and your rights, and policing the Agreement between Local 205 and Stage Alliance. The Union Steward is the legal equal to management’s representatives. If you have any questions about your rights, your Steward is the person to talk to. If you ever feel that you are being told to do something that is unsafe, immediately consult with your Steward.


Because you are working for Stage Alliance under a union Agreement, you have rights that don’t apply to non-union work. Some of those rights are:

If you feel you have been unfairly treated by Stage Alliance, immediately bring your complaint to the attention of your Union Steward. If your complaint has merit, your Steward will file a grievance on your behalf and the union will pursue the grievance procedure until the grievance is resolved.

Also, if you are asked to attend a meeting with Stage Alliance management, and you think that the meeting will lead to disciplinary action, you can insist that a union representative accompany you. These are your Weingarten Rights, one of the most important ways that the union protects you from unfair or unwarranted discipline.

Again, it is important to note that none of these advantages are available to you without a union collective bargaining agreement in place, because employers do not give these conditions freely. These advantages are bargained for through the collective strength of a unified group, which is much stronger than the negotiating power of an individual.


The representation and of the conditions mentioned above apply to all Stage Alliance employees, including the health and annuity benefits which Stage Alliance pays on your behalf. These benefits are not for union members only- they are for all Stage Alliance workers. If you receive a packet from the IATSE National Benefits Fund, it is more than likely you have qualified to receive health insurance. It is an insurance enrollment packet, not a solicitation to join the union. Please get in touch with your Union Steward for more information about how to access your benefits, or go to the National Benefits Fund website to create and account to begin taking advantage of your benefits,


In exchange for the many benefits Local 205 offers, we ask everyone to make a small contribution to help cover our operating costs. We ask that for every dollar you earn under your union contract, you donate a nickel to the Local (or 5% of your gross income). The money collected ensures we can represent everyone to the fullest extent. Without these funds, we would not have the resources necessary to take a dispute all the way to arbitration. In 2016, we took a wage dispute to arbitration and won. Details can be found here.

To contribute 5% to Local 205, you must sign a work assessment check off form and turn it in to the Steward. You can print one here or ask your Union Steward for one. You only have to fill out one form for all Stage Alliance work, not one for each call.

Remember, we ask everyone to contribute because everyone benefits.


If you would like to consider union membership, ask your Union Steward for information about joining Local 205. It is always exciting when Austin stagehands consider union membership with Local 205! The more members we have, the stronger we are. The stronger we are as an organization, the more power we have to make positive changes to our jobs and our industry.

Did You Know?

  1. IATSE Local 205 recently defended your wages, which required going all the way to arbitration, and WON.
  2. With a 50% discounted application fee until the end of October 2016 there has never been a better time to join IATSE Local 205!  Discount is valid if you start the application process before Oct. 31st.
  3. To stay informed about Stage Alliance Inc. topics you can sign up for our low-traffic email bulletins, you can also subscribe to receive updates to this website (form is in the upper right of the news section).
  4. IATSE Local 205 will be hosting an intensive week long corporate A/V training session in December 2016, with instructors from InfoComm and equipment provided by Freeman AV. Stay tuned for more information or contact .

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