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Announce: SA Employee COVID-19 Test Result is Negative

The following was shared with the membership via the announce mechanism on Mar. 23rd via the office of the president:

Brothers and Sisters,

Stage Alliance has just released the following statement:

Attention all SA employees,

The results of the test for the Stage Alliance employee who worked on Aladdin has come back NEGITIVE for Covid -19. The person is still very sick (no fever) but NO Corona Virus.

I hope this eases any concerns about the transmission of this virus from this individual.

Please continue to follow all CDC health regulations in order to remain safe.

Hope to see you all sometime soon,

In Solidarity,
Rachel Magee,

Stage Alliance ‘B Rate’ Is No More!

With the recent wage dispute concluded and subsequent settlement checks mailed out, Stage Alliance Inc. contacted IATSE Local 205 with a new wage proposal for consideration:

“Stage Alliance proposes paying out $17.25 on all stagehand wages at Long Center and UT Texas Performing Arts for the remainder of this CBA with Local 205. This would eliminate the B wage completely, provided that Local 205 agrees to freeze the wage increase for stagehand positions only on LCPA and TPA events; scheduled to take effect 10/1/2016.  Stage Alliance proposes NO other changes to the wage addendum set for October 1st until the end of the current CBA.”

On September 28th 2016, IATSE Local 205 members voted to accept this proposal. On October 1, 2016 all rated positions with the exception of ‘stagehands’, will receive the scheduled 1% pay increase. However, stagehands will now receive $17.25 for all work at Long Center’s Dell Hall and all venues of Texas Performing Arts. Eliminating the B stagehand wage rate is something Local 205 has pushed for during the last two contract negotiations, so we are very happy to finally see it gone! This change will remain in effect until the current contract expires on September 30, 2017.